Welcome to the home of Jennings Kustom & Restoration.   We’ll be updating the site regularly with current projects and documenting some of our past successes. JKR is a family business run by a father & son team with decades of experience.

At JKR, we can handle any of your restoration or customization needs.  Shaving emblems, custom flames, shaved handles, metal patchwork, custom helmet paint schemes, motorcycle restoration and customization, you name it, we can make it happen.

Check back regularly to see some of our work in progress!

Brian & Kirk

Erik’s 50 Chevy Does Well At Billetproof

We went with Erik up to Billetproof in Antioch last weekend to show off the newly painted roof.  After a mad three week thrash, we were able to get the roof and dash done–and had just one day to reassemble the car and take it to Billetproof.

The custom green/gold color was the result of many panel spray-outs and some serious experimentation.  The end result looks different in differing lights, and the fade that Brian added really makes the car pop.

Erik got some new chrome reverse wheels to help set the car off, and we think they look perfect!

The end result was a MAJOR trophy presented by some pretty heavy hitters.  Erik took home the coveted “Beatnik Pick” award and even received some praise from James Hetfield who is as much a rockstar in the car world as he is in the music industry.

Needless to say, we are all really stoked at how well the car was received and now we are working hard to get it close to complete for the Grand National Roadster Show in January! Stay tuned!

Busy, Busy!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here.  With both of us hammering full-time, we are still swamped.  Erik’s car is hurtling toward completion (at least for a couple of months), Rons 50 Fleetline is back in the shop, several custom motorcylcle jobs are in progress and the Bug project is ready for paint.

We are very thankful for all of our great customers and we can’t wait to see what you bring us next!

Come check us out at Billetproof in Antioch this Saturday!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to:

JKR Takes Home Another Trophy

Erik took his 50 to the Gambino Sit Down Invitational show last weekend and brought home a cool trophy for “Most Improved Kustom”  This is a pretty big deal coming from Alex himself, especially when there were many very cool cars there that were under construction.

We thrashed for two weeks on the car, then had it in the booth at 3pm on Friday afternoon.  Brian laid down some feather fill and then topped it off (OK, bottomed it off) with a little Sunset Orange Pearl on the rockers for effect.  We baked it, unmasked it and put the grille and lights back in, then Erik was on the road home at 7pm.

The car is back now and we are working on molding in the drip rails and getting the roof smoothed out.

Jennings Kustom & Restoration Wins at Kings By The Bay

JKR wants to congratulate Erik and Brett for taking home trophies this weekend at the Style King’s “Kings By The Bay” show in Hayward, CA.  The SK crew put on an amazing show with great vendors, tons of raffle prizes and nice trophies.  All sorts of car styles and years were represented, with 200+ cars in attendance.

Erik’s 50, a work-in-progress, took home the “Best Taildragger” award against some serious competition.  We finished up the tail section and got the driver’s door gapped (check his build page here for pics) and cleaned up the passenger pillar just in time for the show and he blasted down there in style.  As of today, we have the car back to try and get a bunch more done for the Invitational Show at Gambino Customs on July 7th.






Brett’s Blazer (also has its own build page) took “Best 70’s”  Brian was responsible for all the paint and body work (hundreds of hours) on this amazing build by Hill’s Rod & Custom.  Curt Hill drove the Blazer down to the show and hung with Brian, Kirk and Erik for the day.


More Progress On The Kustom

Our most recent project is Erik’s 1950 Chevy Styleline Deluxe.  This week we got it back in the shop and got to work on making this car ready for paint.  First step was to get the gaps in shape.  From the factory, door and fender gaps on most of the cars of this era were crap.  This car had been hit at some point in the left front and it tweaked the A-Pillar behind the door. That, coupled with the chop and all the other work done on it, meant that the gaps were especially bad.

Kirk took the lead on the gapping and started by slicing open the driver’s quarter at the door gap and relaxing it just a bit.  He got it all tapped around and zipped back up and its looking great.  While we were there, we also trimmed off the excess sheet metal at the bottom of the quarter where the stone guard would be and evened that all out.